When it comes to serving and pleasing our Master, desire alone is NOT enough. David pleased the Lord in leading Israel, but the Bible says he was able to do that by the integrity in his heart and the skillfulness of his hands (Psalm 78:72). Every believer who longs to serve the Lord needs to be trained to become relevant to God’s agenda in our days.

I welcome you to the international Bible School and Seminary (IBBS), an arm of Isaiah Wealth Ministries, where labourers are being raised and trained to bring into God’s Kingdom the harvest of souls.

Whatever God is leading you to do in His house or out in the field, preparation is never a waste of time. Statistics show that 80% of Christian ministries drop out of ministry, and 80% of those who stay are on the verge of burnout. I believe the lack of preparation spiritually, academically and practically are at the root of these statistics.

At IBBS, our instructors have accumulated several years of experience in ministry. We thus have a unique way of providing a combination of the rich teaching of God’s Word and a practical, hands on ministry experience.

You would find the information in this prospectus really helpful in aiding your decision to study at the institute. You can also call or visit our website. These resources will help you in your decision and if you choose to attend, I guarantee you that your choice will not only change your life but would also turn you int0 an accurately directed and well-sharpened arrow in God’s hands that would result in turning more to righteousness.

Once again, you are welcome to IBSS.

Grow A Business As A Minister

As a minister of the gospel, we don't just want you to learn about ministry and the related
courses here, we also want you to learn about how to start, manage and grow your
business which will in turn help your ministry. Join our business school today and
learn everything you need to know about running a successful business.

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