Advanced Leadership Training 2 Programme

ALT 201 Taking your Place in Ministry
ALT 202 The Challenges of the Church in the 21st Century
ALT 203 Faith to Make Money
ALT 204 Your Mind, Your Financial Future
ALT 205 Obtaining Lasting Wealth
Taking your Place in Ministry ALT201

This course contains a powerful admonition and teachings on how to function in your place as a Christian, and within your sphere of influence. After going through this, you should be able to arise and defend the Church and the kingdom of God, as a trained soldier, wherever you find yourself.

The Challenges of the Church in the 21st Century ALT202

This course gives a comprehensive breakdown on the challenges of this age and how they affect the Church, beginning with the necessity of technology for communication. You will also learn how to create value, operate and dominate in your career or Ministry. You will gain inspiration on how to develop a global mindset in order to attain greatness because the higher you climb on the ladder of success, the higher your reach will be, to facilitate the spread of the Gospel of Christ.

Faith to Make Money ALT203

This is a highly revelatory and inspiring masterpiece on the faith to make money. It contains teachings on how to make money from a job, career or business. It provides basic understanding of these concepts, and highlights the differences between a job and a career, a skill and a talent; and how to put a balance between flexibility and your unique selling point. In this course, you will also get to understand money as a value; and how to spend more money in order to get more money.

Your Mind, Your Financial Future ALT204

This is a highly enlightening course, where you will learn that everyone has been fabricated to make money. You will learn the scope of originality and conceptualization; and get revelations on how to restructure your mind to get results, understanding that the human mind is fabricated to respond in a way, when it is not satisfied.

Obtaining Lasting Wealth ALT205

In this course, you will learn about the different kinds of wealth and their subcategories. You will also learn the principles of operating in God’s system, that can position you on a platform, to become first partaker of the blessings. Finally, you will learn about the curriculum of grace and how it is channeled.

Grow A Business As A Minister

As a minister of the gospel, we don't just want you to learn about ministry and the related
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