Faculty of Leadership & Discipleship Training

Below are the list of courses taken in this faculty.

Advanced Leadership Training 1 Programme View Details

ALT 101 Fundamentals of Ministry
ALT 102 Understanding the Power of Unity
ALT 103 Establishing the Kingdom of God
ALT 104 Understanding Church Growth
ALT 105 The Role of the Pew in Church Growth
ALT 106 Time Management and Ministry

Advanced Leadership Training 2 Programme View Details

ALT 201 Taking your Place in Ministry
ALT 202 The Challenges of the Church in the 21st Century
ALT 203 Faith to Make Money
ALT 204 Your Mind, Your Financial Future
ALT 205 Obtaining Lasting Wealth

Grow A Business As A Minister

As a minister of the gospel, we don't just want you to learn about ministry and the related
courses here, we also want you to learn about how to start, manage and grow your
business which will in turn help your ministry. Join our business school today and
learn everything you need to know about running a successful business.

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