How do I apply for a programme?

Visit and register. Then, click on courses menu and select the programme you want and fill the application form.

I want to study for a bachelor’s program, but the study center closest to me does not offer it, what must I do?

Check our prospectus or visit our website for more details. You can also choose the part-time or distance learning studies options.

I have a strong passion to be used for God but I am 17 years old, can I still be eligible for admission into the instate?

Yes, but subject to the discretion of the institute.

Are the institute’s programs open to only Pastors and Leaders in Gospel Pillars Ministry?

No, it is open to every believer who has a passion to be used by God as a laborer in this end time harvest of souls into the kingdom of God.

Does the institute offer courses that are secular-based?

No, it offers courses that are strictly ministry based.

I would love to be trained and equipped as an effective labourer for the Lord. What are the processes involved for one to become a student of this institute?

- Apply online at - Payment of your institution fee and other necessary cost/fee. - Registration of courses

Grow A Business As A Minister

As a minister of the gospel, we don't just want you to learn about ministry and the related
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