The International Bible School and Seminary is the Bible School of the Isaiah Wealth Ministries which has been duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with Registration No. – CAC/IT/NO61815 as required by the Companies and Allied Act 1, 1990 to train ministers and run bible school.

For many years and with a presence in over three continents, the Isaiah Wealth Ministries has been a strong player in the unraveling of scriptures and the teaching, training, equipping and ordination of ministers and missionaries in the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The extent of its reach and impact speaks volume of its experience and leadership in the Gospel of our day. In the matter of accreditation, knowing that the true measure of quality of an education and the institution itself is the extensive experience and credentials of its faculty, the integrity of its courses and programmes, and ultimately the ministry achievements of its graduates, our training institute – IBSS is therefore not under obligation to be affiliated to any State or National accrediting agency, as the same experience, impact, and credentials which are the foundation of the ministry’s institute are sufficient endorsement of integrity of its programmes. It is also of importance to note here that the intention and potency of its degrees is not for secular consideration but rather for ministry operations and to qualify for further ministerial studies of higher orientation.

We operate as a Bible institute with students graduating and serving in various areas of ministry including preaching, teaching, leadership, counselling and missions. The Institute has graduated several students with degree for greater effectiveness in the work of the Ministry. IBSS is guided in its internal process of developing and upgrading institutional policies and procedures, curriculum development, and also determining the targeted quality for its courses and programs by assessments which include the mission and objective of the institution, academic rigor of course requirements by degree level, integrity of student work, institutional services and faculty development.

We remain ready and able to deliver one of the best experiences in learning the scriptures and obtaining the required certification and license to function in the ministry of our Lord Jesus against which there is no law, physical or spiritual.

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